The RobMoSys Closing Event

The 1st Conference on Software and Systems Engineering for Robotics  was hosted by RobMoSys on 12 & 13 of January 2021. 114 registered participants attended the RobMoSys Closing Event across two days. In light of the current COVID-19 safety measures the Closing Event had to take place in a completely virtual format via video presentations.…


Xito – a RobMoSys Success Story

XITO is an application building platform for robotics ( which connects major robotics stakeholders in a business platform. It enhances collaboration and solves compatibility for their products and services. As professional roboticists, you will find everything you need in the XITO platform: A marketplace full of modules, robotics experts support, and model-based engineering tools to…


Online RobMoSys Academy

Visit the RobMoSys Academy to learn MORE about the RobMoSys approach. Watch our online videos whenever and wherever you like! We have created six videos with the most popular topics: Overcoming the boundaries of today’s Model Driven Engineering System Architecture in Robotics I System Architecture in Robotics II Modelling Principles in Robotics RobMoSys Views for…

RobMoSys Academy
Blog PAL RobMoSys

PAL Robotics’ Blogpost on RobMoSys

How did the idea of the RobMoSys project originally start and how do the project partners work together to contribute to the project? Which goals has RobMosys reached in robotics and which other goals have still to be achieved? PAL Robotics interviewed the project coordinator Huascar Espinoza from CEA, Paris   and Luz Martinez from…


Papyrus for Robotics v0.8 is out

We are happy to announce a new release of Papyrus for Robotics, Version 0.8 The new release includes: better user guidance for the supported modeling views through a dashboard* tables for the specification of formal properties, assertions and contracts on components and system assemblies* integrated modeling and code-generation support for skill realizations and behavior tree…

Papyrus4Robotics v0.8