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RobMoSys explained

Watch more tutorials in The RobMoSys Academy or on the RobMoSys YouTube channel.

RobMoSys highlights:

RobMoSys enables the management of the interfaces between different robotics-related domains in an efficient and systematic way according to each system’s needs.

RobMoSys aims to establish Quality-of-Service properties, enabling a composition-oriented approach while preserving modularity.

RobMoSys drives the non-competitive part of building a professional quality ecosystem by encouraging community’s involvement.

RobMoSys elaborates many of the common robot functionalities based on broad involvement of the community via two Open Calls.

What is RobMoSys about?

RobMoSys is a model based development approach for robotics, that aims to coordinate the whole community’s best and
consorted efforts to realize a step-change towards an industry-grade software development European ecosystem.

To accomplish our approach we have two General Principles:

Separation of Roles and Concerns allows you to focus on your development workflow and expertise. Roles work autonomously and excel their performance.

Composability is the property that makes components become building blocks. This increases the predictability of your robotic systems.

The models follow a general composition-oriented approach where systems can be constructed out of reusable software components (building blocks) with explicated properties. Thus, you are able to exchange
software components from different systems while saving software development costs.

Technical documents will continuously be added to the website.

Intensive community involvement is being financially supported by two open calls with cascaded funding. Check out the results of our selected Integrated Technical Projects (ITP) of Call 1 and the still running ITPs of Call 2.


Get involved yourself in the RobMoSys Discourse Forum.

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