User expectations towards the benefits of the RobMoSys approach will strongly depend on the individual situation:

  • Role in the robotics value chain
    (end-user, system integrator, robot manufacturer, component supplier, etc.)
  • Field of application
    (industry, medical, agriculture, etc.)
  • Function in the company
    (CEO, manager, software developer, engineer, etc.)
  • Role in the RobMoSys ecosystems
    ( Behavior Developer, Function Developer, Safety Engineer, System Builder, etc.)

From a technical perspective, the benefits of the RobMoSys methodology and tools will lead to

  • simplifying the setup and configuration of hardware and software
  • Easy integration and extension of software tool-chains and eco-systems in industrial production setups in a vendor-neutral style
  • composable and replaceable components
  • predictable and traceable properties
  • reusable systems
  • ease of use by simplifying the entrance and usability of software components
  • reliably quality of service
  • standardization of models and interfaces
  • certifyable systems


RobMoSys user benefits from a technical perspective

These benefits will translate in a set main incentives of the RobMoSys approach from a commercial perspective:

  • Reduction of development time, resulting both in
    • reduced costs and
    • shorter time to market
  • Systems should become more easily re-usable and, as a consequence, should
  • Enable larger production volumes of components and systems (using flexible production units)
  • Base components could be commoditised
  • Systems will become certifyable
  • Safety of systems will be predictable
  • Easier reconfigurable systems will allow for mass customization of products
  • Better comparability of systems and components will be enabled through appropriate metrics (benchmarking)


RobMoSys main incentives from commercial point-of-view

More detailed examples of technical user stories are explained in the RobMoSys wiki.

You will also find an in-depth explanation on roles in the RobMoSys ecosystem (which differ from the roles in the robotics value chain).

Imagine you have developed software to localize a robot in the environment and you are interested in making it available in robotics.

  • You are
    • an SME, specialized in a certain domain
    • e.g. a component supplier for robot navigation
  • You want to
    • express your offer with pivotal features such that others can find your component (yellow pages)
    • ensure that others can use your component (composability + compositionality)
    • explicate non-functional properties of your component
      and define its variation points


Imagine you as an integrator are willing to develop an application which needs a localization module and you are interested in integrating the third-party localization software on your intralogistics mobile platform.

  • You are
    • an SME that wants to access robotics technology and that wants to build a robot application
  • You want
    • to select components from the market matching your expressed needs
    • your application to be correct by construction: you expect that building blocks seamlessly fit together
    • to view components as grey-boxes and use them “as-is”: adjust only at explicated variation points within modeled boundaries, do not modify source code.


RobMoSys’ results will

  • enable the increase of the quality of the developed component thanks to the use of formal models and validation of functional and non-functional properties supported by industry-grade tools
  • enable distribution of robotics software with a description and information about its quality, maturity and usage constraints
  • enable an integrator or end-user to integrate a localization module that was developed in a given environment (e.g. ROS, Yarp, SmartSoft, MOOS, Orocos, Reflexxes, MoveIT), in his own proprietary environment thanks to proper bridges between the platform-independent model and the target platform
  • increase the quality of the integration thanks to formal techniques implemented in industry- grade tools.

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