Metacontrol for ROS2 systems (MROS)

A current challenge in robot software architectures in autonomous applications is to address task, contingency and system handling while performing tasks. Current solutions in ROS and ROS2 are typically based on complex, distributed logic that interweaves the three aspects, resulting in maintainability, reusability and reliability issues. The objective of MROS is to leverage the RobMoSys model-based approach at runtime, to provide a solution for ROS2 systems, based on architectural self- adaptation driven by ontology reasoning on the architecture models. The solution will be applied to the ROS2 Navigation stack, and demonstrated in two variants of the RobMoSys Intralogistics pilot, with the Thiago platform and with a Bosch consumer- product prototype. MROS will connect the ROS2 and RobMoSys frameworks, and further enable a metamodeling-sound usage of ontologies for robot software architecting.


“Composeable models@runtime of ROS2 software will support more adaptable and reliable autonomous robots”


Watch this video showing a meta-controller interaction with ROS2 Navigation using System Modes.