Based on model-driven tools, RobMosys enables you to develop and provide composable navigation components with all explicated properties, variation points, resource requirements etc. So as a system builder you are able to compose, for example, your navigation system out of these readily available commodity building blocks according to your needs – something that is not yet possible in robotics.

As a component supplier, components can become part of as many systems as possible and others can easily decide whether it fits their needs and how they can use it. A software component can accompany a data sheet in the form of a digital model which contains everything you need to know to be able to use that software component in a proper way (interface between the component and its environment) while protecting intellectual property. This will contain information about the internals of the software component only as long as this is needed for proper use.

RobMoSys’ results will:

  • increase the quality of the developed component thanks to the use of formal models and validation of functional and non-functional properties supported by industry-grade tools.
  • enable distribution of robotics software with a description and information about its quality, maturity and usage constraints.
  • enable an integrator or end-user to integrate a localization module that was developed in a given environment (e.g. ROS, Yarp, SmartSoft, MOOS, Orocos, Reflexxes, MoveIT), in their own proprietary environment thanks to proper links between the platform-independent model and the target platform.
  • increase the quality of the integration thanks to formal techniques implemented in industry- grade tools.


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