Safety Component Composition for Robots (SafeCC4Robot)

The SafeCC4Robot project aims to create a methodology and tool support for integrating components for robotics ensuring safety at system level. It will enable suppliers’ robotic components to be used at different robot systems while ensuring system will remain safe after the composition.

The focus is in achieving two main goals:

  • Develop and integrate safety methodological guidance within RobMoSys tools to ensure functional safety standards compliance from early design phases of the development life cycle.
  • Develop a safe-aware robotics compositional modelling assets and software supported on model-based compositional design, to leverage the reuse opportunities of using RobMoSys tools.


Design of safety compliance robotic systems methodology

Capitalize on and adapt AMASS methodology for compliance to integrate RobMoSys tools.

Integrate methodology guidance into robotics development platform. It will gather information from subsystems to correctly describe the compositional context and improve standards compliance.

  1. Methodology for safety development.
  2. Tools to support functional safety compliance for robotics systems with OpenCert tool


Design of safe-aware compositional robotic systems

Extend RobMoSys’ Component Development View with information regarding functional safety compliance for composition needs.

Extending component development view with information about safety assurance and contract based approached validation features.

Integrate the AMASS contract-based approach and tools to perform formal specification, validation and refinement of assumptions and guarantees under the compositional paradigm. This will be particularly used for composition of safety properties.

  1. Extension of the RobMoSys Component specification to support contract-based design.
  2. Tools to support the RobMoSys Component specification extension.
  3. Tools to support the RobMoSys Components integration validation.