Guidelines for Improving SmartMDSD with DDS and QoS attributes for communications

Data exchange and semantics for communication related concepts are well described in the RobMoSys metamodels, thus making it possible to create models that are middleware-agnostic.

This ITP is aimed at providing clear guidelines for including a widely used middleware with quality of service and high performance features (the Data Distribution Service standard by OMG) whithin SmartMDSD.

Therefore, the main objectives of SmartDDS are:

  1. to explore the best way to define so-called quality of service attributes for communication objects in RobMoSys
  2. to evaluate and refin code generators needed to create DDS-compliant code from RobMoSys communication patterns, and
  3. to design a gateway to exchange data between an SmartMDSD deployment using DDS and other third-party DDS-based ecosystems

Watch Middleware agnostic modeling demonstrated with RTI Connext DDS on YouTube