The goals of CARVE are

  1. to propose Behavior Trees as formalism for modelling flexible, composable and reusable hierarchical abstraction for component orchestration in the RobMoSys ecosystem and
  2. to develop a set of verification tools for assessing static and run-time properties of robot behaviors. The proposed approach will be validated on real-world scenarios in the domain of service robotics.

The RobMoSys project envisions an industry-grade component development and integration ecosystem that goes beyond the current limitations of software frameworks like ROS and YARP, and that is able to support the expectations of evolving robotics technology and applications. CARVE will contribute to the development of the RobMoSys ecosystem by fostering its adoption in the research community and by contributing the Behavior Trees formalism and tools for code verification and monitoring that leverage on and extend the RobMoSys component model.


Click here to see a demonstration of using the YARP framework and the R1 robot with RobMoSys tooling (here with the SmartMDSD Toolchain).