During the course of RobMoSys project runtime (2017-2020), two Open Calls will offer you the possibility to contribute to the RobMoSys ecosystem with great research funding opportunities.


The first RobMoSys Open Call opened on July 10th and has been closed as of October 9th, 2017 (5 pm Brussels time). 30 proposals have been submitted through the open call portal. Six proposals were selected to start as Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) on March 1st 2018 with a runtime of 12 months.

The second RobMoSys Open Call opened in February 2019 and closed on May 7th 2019. (extended deadline!)  The selected projects will be ready to start in autumn 2019. A budget of 2,55 Mio €  is available for cascaded funding.

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Call identifier: RobMoSys-SROC

Call title: Second RobMoSys Open Call

Call opening: 01.02.2019

Submission Deadline: see below (depending on instrument)

Expected duration of participation: see below (depending on instrument)

Indicative total budget for the call: €2,550,000

Maximum funding request per proposal: see below (depending on instrument)

Submission language: English

E-mail: opencalls@robmosys.eu

Web address of open call platform: https://opencalls.robmosys.eu/all_calls

Instrument Instrument #1 Instrument #2 Instrument #3
Expected runtime Max 6 months Max 12 months Max 6 months
Total Indicative Budget 720 kEUR 1,6 MEUR 230 kEUR
Max Funding per Proposal 60 kEUR 300 kEUR 20 kEUR
Cut-off dates April 30, 2019

October 30, 2019

April 30, 2019 April 30, 2019

October 30, 2019

Project RobMoSys, co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732410, foresees as an eligible activity the provision of financial support to third parties, as a means to achieve its own objectives.

RobMoSys’s main goal is to create and consolidate an EU Digital Industrial Platform for Robotics to establish a common methodology for model-based software development, improve tools and foster interoperability by model interchange and composability. The Open Calls for Contributions to RobMoSys is one of the means implemented to achieve this goal.

The First RobMoSys Open Call, which was open from July 2017 to October 2017, has funded six Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) with a focus on strengthening the RobMoSys platform with better metamodels, tools and models.

The Second RobMoSys Open Call focuses on the following aspects:

  • Industry-Driven Ecosystem. RobMoSys defines a model-based ecosystem of assets and services to help the robotics industry to improve their software/system engineering practice. We look for proposals joining us in our effort to create this ecosystem and to demonstrate with real industrial cases your own success story.
  • Towards a Strong RobMoSys Community. We call for expert groups willing to be coached by members of the RobMoSys core consortium, in order to implement the RobMoSys concepts. Successful applicants must be ready to advance the RobMoSys way of thinking, and to go for real world examples in line with the RobMoSys industrial pilots (developed by the RobMoSys core consortium).

The second call for proposals in RobMoSys embraces three (3) different Instruments. An instrument is a type of RobMoSys third-party contract characterized by a profile of contributions, a funding scheme, distinctive expected results and hence different evaluation criteria.

More information and the full call documents, including the guides for applicants and an electronic submission system are offered below.

Find snapshot of the Wiki on the opening day of the call.

Instrument #1: Fast Adoption

With this instrument, RobMoSys wants to boost a fast adoption of the RobMoSys approach in industry. It focuses on SMEs and small teams in large industrial companies, target groups ranging from software component suppliers to robotics system builders. The funded ITPs must develop RobMoSys-conformant pilots (industrial case studies) based on existing assets (software and tools from the RobMoSys ecosystem), or provide software components conformant to the RobMoSys pilots.


Instrument #2: Ecosystem Challenges

This instrument aims at strengthening the RobMoSys ecosystem with in-depth developments on the RobMoSys baseline (models, tools, components, architectural patterns). Submissions of ITPs must fit one or more of the following technical topics:

  • Topic 1: ROS 2 and Model-Driven Software Development
  • Topic 2: Functional composition inside components
  • Topic 3: System level composition / safety
  • Topic 4: System level predictability of properties, Navigation
  • Topic 5: System level predictability of properties, Manipulation
  • Topic 6: OPC UA Robotics
  • Topic 7: Open topic

Further details on each of these topics will follow soon.


Instrument #3: Innovation Expert Intake

This instrument looks for proposals from legal entities offering expert services in order to push innovation and strengthen the RobMoSys community. Applications can focus on supporting the RobMoSys Academy or the RobMoSys technology. Herewith, experts must be willing to familiarize themselves with the RobMoSys approach, to actively participate in technical workshops, to meet with RobMoSys partners in their labs, to contribute to the RobMoSys community building, or involvement in specific ITPs.



Summary of main information per instrument

Instrument Instrument #1 Instrument #2 Instrument #3
Expected runtime Max 6 months Max 12 months Max 6 months
Total Indicative Budget 720 kEUR 1,6 MEUR 230 kEUR
Max Funding per Proposal 60 kEUR 300 KEUR 20 kEUR
Cut-off dates May 7, 2019

October 30, 2019

May 7, 2019 May 7, 2019

October 30, 2019


More information and the full call documents, including the guides for applicants and an electronic submission system are offered below.

Find out more at our Information- and Brokerage Day in Munich, Germany, on February 13, 2019.

The Brokerage day will inform you about the RobMosys approach and give you details on why and how to participate. You will get first hand information on the project and the chance to explain your ideas and find suitable partners for your application. The event will give you all the details on the call and room for questions. The call offers research funding opportunities to research institutions, universities, industries, SMEs, located in the EU. To register for the Brokerage Events, click here.

Agenda Info- and Brokerage Day

Please use our Discourse Forum for online brokerage as well.

Open Call Documents:




PAL robotics



Call 2

    • Announcement of Call 2 in January 2019
    • Opening 1st Feburary 2019
    • Cut-off dates for Instruments #1, #3: 30th April 2019 and 31st October 2019
    • Cut-off date for Instrument #2: 30th April 2019

The RobMoSys Wiki (https://robmosys.eu/wiki/) provides technical details on the RobMoSys approach and on technical topics. A reading guide to the wiki which is focused on the Second Open Call is available at https://robmosys.eu/wiki/open-call-2.

Upon close inspection of the regulations concerning Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) in Horizon2020 it turned out, that the Instrument #4 cannot be funded in its originally foreseen form. Therefore, the second RobMoSys open call had to be amended and the Instrument #4 is no longer a part of it. The budget initially allocated to this instrument has been reallocated to the other three. The Guide for Applicants has been changed accordingly. The parts related to the Instrument #4 have been removed and the financial aspects of the other instruments have been updated.

Please also check our FAQs if you have any questions, or contact us directly.

Please note that all questions regarding to the open calls need to be send to opencalls@robmosys.eu in order to comply with the obligations from the European Commission for a closed loop. We will make sure that your request is addressed to the appropriate person and answered in a reasonable timeframe.

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