“We participate in RobMoSys because we strongly believe that the approach will be benefitting a broader uptake of robotics, especially in areas where it is less used today, e.g. in logicstics, in agriculture, in healthcare, also in small- and medium sized enterprises with very flexible applications that today do not automate because the development costs…

EUnited Robotics

RobMoSys is beyond the limitations of most software approaches used in robotics “The methodology of RobMoSys allows us to improve how we build and assemble systems with components. This goes beyond the limitations of most software middleware used in robotics, which gives little support to help integrators figure out how to combine components effectively.” Lorenzo…

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IIT

Having access to the big ecosystem improves the impact of our work “We are proud of being part of RobMoSys as you become part of a bigger ecosystem which can improve the impact of your work. Compared to other research formats and projects, RobMoSys is more demanding, but at the same time more effective.” Matteo…

Politecnico di Milano

RobMoSys is eager to bring in your contribution “Coaching is what makes RobMoSys different. Coaching provided us guidance and support to find our way through the RobMoSys approach, to position ourselves and to properly link and connect in a conformant way. This improved the quality of our contribution as RobMoSys integrated technical project ITP.” Cristina…

Universidad de Extremadura

We demonstrated our contribution with no additional effort in a complex scenario “The Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet Pilot is already conforming to RobMoSys and is supported by the SmartMDSD Toolchain. That allowed us to directly showcase our ITP contributions to RobMoSys in that complex and industry-relevant application with no additional effort.” Cristina Vicente-Chicote

Universidad de Extremadura

“COMAU is involved in RobMoSys as pilot developer using the SmartsoftMDSD toolchain in combination with its robotics modular platform  (COMAU e.DO robot) developed for educational purposes. We are happy to contribute to the project and its model driven approach to make early use of the following benefits: increasing flexibility of the overall system, easy programming…


There is something under the hood that made me become an ambassador of RobMoSys “Don’t be confused about meta- and meta-meta (…) models. There is something under the hood that generates a real value to its users. That has made me become an ambassador of RobMoSys.” Davide Faconti

EURECAT Technology Centre of Catalonia

With RobMoSys, we saved a considerable amount of effort

Universidad de Extremadura

 I am impressed with the maturity of tools and I feel at home with RobMoSys

TNO Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research

RobMoSys has a strong impact on our way of working

University of Twente

“RobMoSys increased user audience and boosted adoption of our work”

EURECAT Technology Centre of Catalonia

“Behind what you see at the surface of RobMoSys, there is a much broader body of knowledge that is definitely worth spending the effort of going into it.” Matteo Matteucci

Politecnico di Milano

“Composeable models@runtime of ROS2 software will support more adaptable and reliable autonomous robots”

TU Delft