Pilots are used to validate the methodology and to demonstrate the use of its approach through the development of real robot applications targeted at real customers, to illustrate vendor-neutral and environment-neutral composition of systems. Pilots span different domains and different kind of applications and requirements – centered around navigation and (mobile) manipulation.

Assistive Mobile Manipulation

The project will provide a set of pilots as concrete kickstart suggestions and implementations for the community to innovate upon:

  • Goods transport in a company: 
    • Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet
      This is a mobile goods transport scenario, such as factory intra-logistics. Key performance areas will be i) performance of goods delivery and ii) ease of integration, not just between the robotics systems themselves but also with the other IT systems in factories and companies.
  • Object manipulation for manufacturing applications on a production line:
  • Mobile manipulation for assistive robotics in a domestic environment or in care institutions:
    • Assistive Mobile Manipulation
    • This Pilot has several similar technology components as the first pilots, but environment and task requirements are very different.
  • Modular Educational Robot Pilot


Find out more about the pilot applications in our technical wiki

Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet

The RobMoSys Consortium has the luxury of being able to offer the services and equipment of the Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIF Paris-Saclay, CEA) and Centres of Competence (CoC in Munich, TUM). They provide assistance, support and advice in robotics to a varied pool of stakeholders, ranging from pre-start-up up to mature businesses. RIFs and CoCs provide expertise and equipment to favour new usage and assist new users in innovation in robotics. CoC are focused on manufacturing applications and RIF are multi domains (healthcare, transport, manufacturing, security, etc.).

The pilots can be provided to project contributors to support designing, developing, testing, benchmarking and demonstrating their contribution. The realisation of the project’s developments are not limited to the RobMoSys pilots, but can be created anywhere in the community.


The core partners are in charge of preparing shared system models and software components and developing of skeleton applications for the pilots.

The Second Open Call will dedicate third-parties to:

  • involve the community in extending the Pilot skeleton application, by using the system composition guidelines and models provided by the project;
  • develop functional components that conform 100% to these guidelines and models;
  • improve on the just-mentioned guidelines and models;
  • improve on the implementations of building blocks (whose implementation comes from the First Open Call);
  • document the integration process as a template for next-generation service robotics system integrators.

At the end, all concrete models and software components will be documented and made available in a public repository.

Download the Factsheets of our Pilots: