Skill composition with verified system properties

The goal of SCOPE is to contribute to the RobMoSys ecosystem by proposing methods and tools to enable the assessment of system-wide safety properties at the behavioral level (the “deliberative layer”) where safe autonomy becomes the key challenge. With reference to the RobMoSys meta-model for robotic behavior, the goal of SCOPE is to provide tools that analyze and derive properties of a task by composing the properties that describe its skills and the environment, and, at runtime, ensure the correct execution of a task by monitoring it and propagating anomalies detected at the level of the skills. The novelty of SCOPE is to use quantitative modelling and specification languages, so that it is possible to reason on real-time constraints, as well as resources, i.e, pre- and post-conditions for the correct execution of a skill deriving from the interaction between skills and software- hardware components sitting below the deliberative layer, plus the external environment which is directly or indirectly affected by the robot. – MOTIVATION Model-driven software engineering is the key factor to combine effective development of software with rigorous verification  techniques in robotics.