RobMoSys will coordinate the whole community’s best and consorted efforts to realize a step-change towards a professional, industry-grade software development ecosystem

To archieve this, RobMoSys will make technical documents accessible on the website.

Join our public discourse forum as an open platform for the community for discussion on RobMoSys related topics

Look up our upcoming EVENTS to actively involve the community.

RobMoSys provides financial support to intensify community involvement by two open calls with cascaded funding.

Find out more about our first projects, the so-called Integratesd Technical Projects (ITP), resulting from our first and second open call.

All Calls have been closed.

The results of the second cut-off date of Call 2 will be announced in the beginning of February 2020.

In the second call RobMoSys embraced 3 different Instruments.

An instrument is a type of RobMoSys third-party contract characterized by a profile of contributions, a funding scheme, distinctive expected results and hence different evaluation criteria.

The second call consits of two cut-off dates. The first cut-off date was May7th, the second one was open until November 13th 2019.

What we are/ were looking for in the diffrent Instruments:

Instrument #1 FAST ADOPTERS   (still open for applications; cut-off date on October 31st)

In Instrument #1 we were calling for Fast Adopters ranging from software component suppliers to robotics system builders.
The funded projects must develop RobMoSys-conformant pilots (industrial case studies) based on existing assets (software and tools
from the RobMoSys ecosystem).

Fast Adopters can recieve funding for a runtime of 6 months.

 ECOSYSTEM CHALLENGES      (call already closed)

This instrument aims at strengthening the RobMoSys ecosystem with in-depth developments on the RobMoSysbaseline (models, tools, components, architectural patterns).

Submissions had to fit one or more of the following technical topics:

Topic 1: ROS 2 and Model-Driven Software Development

Topic 2: Functionalcompositioninsidecomponents

Topic 3: System level composition / safety

Topic 4: System level predictability of properties, Navigation

Topic 5: System level predictability of properties, Manipulation

Topic 6: OPC UA Robotics

Topic 7: Open topic

Ecosystem challenges recieve funding for a runtime of 12 months.


Within instrument #3 we were looking for proposals from legal entities offering expert services in order to push innovation and strengthen the RobMoSys community.

Applications can focus on supporting the RobMoSysAcademy or the RobMoSys technology.

Experts have to familiarize themselves with the RobMoSysapproach, actively participate in technical workshops, meet with RobMoSyspartners in their labs, contribute to the RobMoSyscommunity building, or get involved in specific Instrument #2 ITP (Integrated Technical Project).

Innovation Experts receive RobMoSys funding for a runtime of 6 months.