First RobMoSys Call opening on July 10th

Become part of the RobMoSys community and get financial support up to 300.000€   Paris, June 22nd The EU Horizon 2020 funded project RobMoSys aims to build an EU Digital Industrial Platform for Robotics of professional quality and scope. It will enable third party participation via two open calls with cascaded funding of up to 300.000€…


RobMoSys – This was our first public workshop at ERF

“RobMoSys: the next level of a Model Driven Robotic Software Ecosystem” The first public RobMoSys workshop took place on March 22nd 2017 at the ERF in Edinburgh and was extremely well attended. More than 50 participants filled room Ochill 2+3 and did not leave one chair empty. Participants, who arrived later had to stand in…

RobMoSys - Composable Models and Software for Robotics Systems

RobMoSys & ROSIN: towards an EU Digital Industrial Platform for Robotics

  Market pull for better factory automation, and the ever-increasing relevance of software in every domain, are triggering a rethink in how we develop software for robotics. Techniques such as Model Driven Engineering (MDE), proven effective in businesses like automotive and aerospace, can be used to this end. Practices such as collaborative development through Open-Source…


EU’s innovative new funding project RobMoSys kicked off

Paris, March 15th RobMoSys, an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, aims at coordinating the whole community’s best and consorted effort to build an open and sustainable, agile and multi-domain European robotics software ecosystem. This shall increase the scalability and quality of robotics software development, help to commoditize base functionality, such as motion control, navigation, software…

RobMoSys Dennis Stampfer, Hochschule Ulm