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Technical Material for the Second Open Call

This page serves as an entry point for technical material for the RobMoSys Second Open Call which is open from February 2019 till end of April 2019. For information about the open call, refer to

This page is structured according to specific keywords and topics that are used in the official call documents.

RobMoSys Tooling and Tutorials

Find a list of Tools and Software Baseline. They include links to relevant tutorials.

RobMoSys Building Blocks and Software Components

  • Browse the Model Directory to see building blocks available for immediate composition with RobMoSys tooling.

Pilots (industrial case studies) and Pilot Skeletons

Domain of Mobile Robot Navigation

Domain of Manipulation

Digital Data Sheet

  • RobMoSys Tooling Support of the Digital Data Sheet via the SmartMDSD Toolchain:
    • A digital data sheet contains different sections; at least a technical section and annotations section for humans.
    • The SmartMDSD Toolchain supports the technical digital data sheet via its models. It support via annotations is currently distributed over several places as this technology is currently in migration.
    • Use-Case Example: The SmartMDSD Toolchain supports the digital data sheet to interact with Groot, a behavior tree editor

Mixed-Port Component



Model-Based Safety Analysis

Tasks, Coordination, Skills: Robotic Behavior

Need Help?

Please contact us in the Discourse Forum.

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