Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet Pilot

This pilot is about goods transport in a company, such as factory intra-logistics. It can be used to showcase robotics navigation, e.g. to show the performance of goods delivery and according non-functional requirements. It can be extended to object recognition and manipulation.

The pilot is intended for open call 2 contributors to showcase the ease of system integration via composition of software components to a complete robotics application.

The pilot is physically located at Ulm University of Applied Sciences; Germany and may be used on site or remotely. An excerpt is available in simulation for off-site use.

Pilot Facts Sheet for Open Call 2

Videos of the pilot in action:

RobMoSys Pilot Skeleton and Tooling Support

The pilot is fully supported by the SmartMDSD Toolchain, an Integrated Software Development Environment (IDE) for system composition in an robotics software business ecosystem. This ensures full conformance to the RobMoSys methodology when using this pilot.

Pilot Skeleton Resources and Software

Pilot Examples and Intended Use

The pilot is intended for the use with FESTO Robotino but can be extended to any robot thanks to the Flexible Navigation Stack. It covers navigation via the Flexible Navigation Stack and mobile manipulation using the Mobile Manipulation Stack.

Potential Use-Cases for ITP demonstrations:

  • Integrate your own robot (as e.g. shown by the CARVE ITP)
  • Interact with the pilot on task-, service- or component-level.
  • Work with a single robot or a fleet of robots
  • Software components and system composition: e.g. composition of previously developed software components and/or exchange of software components to address new needs.
  • Ecosystem collaboration including the different roles that participants can take
  • Managing of non-functional properties
  • Dependency graphs for composed components to enable predictability for navigation

Usage of this Pilot

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