Assistive Mobile Manipulation Pilot

The objective of this Pilot is to validate the RobMoSys methodology by applying it to an assistive robotics scenario in a domestic environment. The pilot will validate the methodology across all stages from design to task execution.

Some of the performance indicators that will be considered include ease of integration, flexibility when adapting to a new customer's needs (e.g. a person with a specific physical constraint, such as blindness) and effortless comparison between different alternatives using metrics.

Stage: apartment of a person with some physical constraints. The TIAGo mobile manipulator as an assistant for the person.

This pilot demonstrates:

  • Replacement of component(s): the System Builder wants to select and replace from available robot end-effectors the one which best fits the requirements and expectations of the person with physical constraints, taking into account specific metrics (provided quality, offered configurability, provided skills, price and licensing, etc.).
  • Free from hidden interference: the Component Developer wants to create a new interface for an existing TIAGo robot without interfering with the existing components (e.g a tablet for the hard of hearing person or an audio interface that uses a microphone and a speaker for a blind person).
  • Composition of components: the System Builder wants to create a new TIAGo robot check via the data sheet (in the form of a digital model) whether the new building block (the interface) fits into the system given the constraints of the system and the variation points of the building block.

Available RobMoSys Software Baseline:

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