Flexible Assembly Cell Pilot

The objective of this Pilot is to validate the RobMoSys methodology by applying it on a discrete manufacturing task within a highly-flexible assembly cell. The pilot will validate the methodology through all stages, from design to task execution. Some of the performance indicators that will be considered include robustness, ease of integration and monitoring.

The assembly cell has a high degree of autonomy and does not rely on special-purpose tools or sensors. It consists of two robotic arms in a shared workspace, each equipped with a 2D or 3D camera for perception and a gripper for object manipulation.

This pilot demonstrates:

  • Modeling of a discrete assembly task: the cell operator should be able to specify different assembly tasks using reusable and composable task blocks without having to know the details of the software and hardware that will be ultimately realizing the task.
  • Replacing a hardware component: the system builder should be able to replace a hardware component and check whether the system can still perform all the required tasks.
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