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Skill Definition Metamodel

A skill provides access to functionalities realized by components for robotics behavior development. Skills lift the level of abstraction from functional and service to a skill abstraction level, being usable from a task abstraction level for robotics behavior development.

Skill definitions define the interface of skills on Composition Tier 2. Skills are realized on Tier 3 next to the component providing the required functionality, following a skill definition. Separating skill definitions and skill realizations enables the replacement and the composition of components (providing the same skill) and decouples the component from the behavior developer and the technology used to realize robotics behavior development. Skill definitions and skills are grouped in sets to model their semantic cohesion.

A skill definition as the interface of a skill contains input and output attributes of a primitive type (int, bool , etc.) and return a result (SkillResult). The sum of all contained SkillResults models the possible results a skill could evaluate to. Each SkillResult maps to either SUCCESS or ERROR and contains an additional value to provide further result details (e.g. ERROR and “Path Blocked” for a moveto Skill).

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