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Groot, an IDE to create, modify and monitor BehaviorTrees.

Authors Davide Faconti, Eurecat
License MIT


Groot is an optional graphical application that can be used together with BehaviorTree.CPP (BT.CPP) to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Behavior Developer.

In software programming, it is possible to write code using a plain text editor, but a modern IDE allows the software developer to be much more productive. Similarly, any behavior tree is ultimately represented in a XML format, that can be edited by hand, but a tool like Groot provides many additional features and make the development process easier, more reliable and, ultimately, more enjoyable.


Groot can be used to either:

  • Create or Edit behavior trees that are executed by the BT.CPP engine.
  • Monitor a BT.CPP engine in real-time, showing the current state of the robot.
  • Visualize off-line logs recorded using the BT.CPP engine.

Relation to other RobMoSys Tools

Groot can load the palette of available Actions looking at the set of available skills in the SmartMDSD Toolchain.

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