Human Robot Collaboration for Assembly Pilot

The objective of this Pilot is to validate the RobMoSys methodology in the context of advanced manufacturing where humans and robots are working together in the same production site. This pilot has 2 main objectives:

  • Safety certification of the production site based on model-based risk analysis.
  • Modeling once, using everywhere: reusing task description for several robots

img_0108.jpg cobomanip.jpg polishing.jpg hv_slim.jpg

This pilot demonstrates:

  • Safety certification: The system integrators/the safety experts should be guided to set up a new production site or to evaluate an existing one through the RobMoSys tools. Those tools should assist the users to choose the appropriate configuration of the production site in order to be conformant to safety norms.
  • Easing the development of robotics systems: The components offered by the RobMoSys ecosystem should be composable and easy to configure. The design and deployment tasks should be in the reach of non-expert users.
  • Flexibility and resistance to low-level changes: The system builder and the integrators should be able to design their task and to deploy it on different robots having the same capabilities.
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