The vision of RobMoSys is to create better models, as the basis for better tools and better software, which then allow to build better robotic systems. To not just let this vision remain a dream, a broad uptake by the robotics community is needed.

But what is in for you? Why should you as a software developer, why should you as a system builder,. why should you as a decision maker in your company decide to use the RobMoSys approach for further system developments and build your applications following our methodology?

Please see our short video “RobMoSys explained: What is the aim of RobMoSys?” for a quick introduction to the core idea of RobMoSys. We use the PC domain as an analogy to describe what we aim for in RobMoSys and how we achieve it.

Have a look at our user-stories for a user-perspective on the aims of RobMoSys. If you want to go more into details, you can also read our technical user-stories.


Pilots are used to valide the methodology and to demonstrate the use of its approach through the development of real robot applications targeted at real customers, to illustrate vendor-neutral and environment-neutral composition of systems. Pilots span different domains and different kind of applications and requirements – centered around navigation and (mobile) manipulation.

Download our one-pagers describing the RobMoSys pilots:

Siemens Pilot:

CEA Pilot:

PAL robotics Pilot:

HSU intralogistics Pilot:

Comau Pilot: