Dear Roboticist,

The 10th edition of the European Robotics Forum in Bucharest, Romania was a great opportunity to meet up with the European robotics community and inform them about the funding opportunities of our second Open Call.

Our booth was very well frequented at all times and so was our workshop on "Open and sustainable robotics software ecosystems for Europe" which also included a world cafe. As ususal, all presentations can be found on our website European-Robotics-Forum-2019

We'd like to thank eu-robotics for the fatastic organization of this year's ERF and are looking forward to the 11th edition in Málaga, Spain!


If you couldn't make it to ERF this year or are interested to dive more deeply into model-driven engineering, we invite you to join our next two workshops in Barcelona on April 11th and 12th, from 10a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

They will take place in the CCIB, partly in parallel to the Advanced Factories Expo ( 


 11. April:  RobMoSys DEMO DAY

Let's celebrate the great achievements of the RobMoSys ITPs in the past 12 months!

Our ITPs (Integrated Technical projects) are going to demonstrate concrete examples of their developments during the past 12 months.

Join us for drinks and snacks at the CCIB – Barcelona, Plaza Willy Brandt 11-14

See how you can adopt RobMoSys for your own needs and what it means to be a “RobMoSys ITP”.

Read about the six Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) from the RobMoSys first open call:

CARVE      – Integration of Behavioral Trees in RobMoSys

EG-IPC      – Extension of Intrinsically Passive Control model and integration in the RobMoSys ecosystem

eITUS        – Creating an infrastructure to assure system safety at design time (analysis and simulation) and at run time (monitoring)

Mood2Be   – Integration of Behavioral Trees in RobMoSys

Plug&Bench    – Develop a component-based, composable benchmark system within the RobMoSys ecosystem

RoQME      – Tools and models for the assessment of Non-Functional properties in RobMoSys

The DEMO DAY is for free, but please register on our website beforehand for better planning. 

Do you want to become part of the RobMoSys community?

Find out what we are looking for In our second Open Call  (open from February to April 2019) at our next Information Day:


12 April: RobMoSys INFO DAY

In the second open call we offer funding for three diffrent Instruments. An Instrument is a type of RobMoSys third-party contract characterized by a profile of contributions, a funding scheme, distinctive expected results and hence different evaluation criteria. Read more...

#1 Fast Adoption

This instrument focuses on SMEs and small teams in large industrial companies ranging from software component suppliers to robotics system builders.  

#2 Ecosystem Challenges

This instrument is the equivalent to our ITPs in the first call. We are looking for in-depth developments on the robMoSys baseline - models, tools, components, architectural patterns.

Submissions must fit one or more of thefollowing topics:

Topic 1: ROS 2 and Model-Driven Software Development

Topic 2: Functional composition inside components

Topic 3: System level composition / safety

Topic 4: System level predictability of properties, Navigation

Topic 5: System level predictability of properties, Manipulation

Topic 6: OPC UA Robotics

Topic 7: Open topic

#3 Innovation Expert Intake

This instrument is aimed at individuals who are willing to offer expert services in order to push innovation and strenghthen the RobMoSys community.

At our Information Day we will outline the funding opportunities within the RobMoSys project for industry, research organisations, universities, SMEs and individual experts.

Further information at:   Registration is free but mandatory. Please see the websites above to register to each day.

The second Call will be closing on April 30th - so there are still 40 more days to go...

... but don't wait for too long.

Take the opportunity to meet members of the Core Consortium, get first-hand information and discuss your ideas with other potential applicants at one of our Barcelona events.

The INFO DAY is for free, but please register on our website beforehand for better planning.


Remember: we offer a pre-proposal check until March 31st. Please use our opencall plattform:


If you cannot attend any of our "live" events in person, use our Discourse Forum for online brokerage to find other potential applicants.

Find all technical information on our Wiki and download the information on our pilots.

Hope to see you soon at one of our next events.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Anna Principato
on behalf of the RobMoSys consortium


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