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Communication Pattern View

The communication pattern view clusters elements of the communication pattern metamodel that defines a fixed and stable set of recurring communication semantics.

This set of recurring communication semantics is defined for the robotics domain independent of an underlying communication middleware which can be flexibly selected in another development phase.

The communication patterns consist of an internal and external view of the component interface. The external view is defined by the behavior of the communication pattern itself. References therefore are provided in Communication-Pattern Metamodel.

While the API of the internal component view can be implemented manually such that the behavior of the communication patterns is ensured, this implementation requires a lot of knowledge about the internal behavior of the communication patterns and the middleware abstraction level. Hence, RobMoSys uses the existing C++ open-source reference specification of the API derived from the SmartSoft framework. Using the existing API specification increases independence of the component's internal business logic from the different framework implementations, each based on a specific middleware solution. Besides, the existing API is well time-tested over the past 10 years, which saves a lot of efforts of redefining this API.

RobMoSys Tooling Support

  • In the SmartSoft World, the component internal interface is defined here

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