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Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet Pilot

This pilot is about goods transport in a company, such as factory intra-logistics. It showcases the ease of system integration via composition of software components to a complete robotics application. It can be used to showcase the performance of goods delivery and according non-functional requirements.

This pilot demonstrates:

Available RobMoSys Software Baseline

Pilot Roadmap

The SmartMDSD Toolchain v3 is currently being extended with a focus on conformance to the RobMoSys composition structures. A stable and feature-complete version is expected for release end of 2017. By 1st of March 2018, the here described pilot will be supported by the SmartMDSD Toolchain v3. This includes software components with full support of:

More software components and support for fleet coordination to follow. Further development steps and future roadmap of this Pilot in the course of the RobMoSys project will follow with the publication of the second open call.

Usage of this Pilot

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