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Gazebo/TIAGo/SmartSoft Scenario

This scenario contributes to the Pilot mobile manipulation for assistive robotics in a domestic environment or in care institutions and Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet Pilot

The robot platform TIAGo from Pal-Robotics is accessible in the SmartSoft World. A scenario was set up in which you can use the SmartSoft navigation stack and SmartTCL for behaviour coordination to move TIAGo around in the Gazebo simulator.

The TIAGo robot platform in simulation can be used with the SmartMDSD Toolchain as available software for the open calls where we emphasize: “do not re-invent in open call projects but build on existing technologies and tools”.

The scenario includes:

  • Navigation Stack: obstacle avoidance (CDL), recording maps with Gmapping, localization, path planning
  • SmartTCL for behavior coordination to move TIAGo around in the gazebo simulator

The models and components to run the Pal-Robotics TIAGo using SmartSoft/SmartMDSD Toolchain within Gazebo are available including documentation and tutorial at

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