Modular Education Robot Pilot

This Pilot aims at validating the RobMoSys methodology by applying it in an educational scenario. The general idea is to enable School and University teachers and students to access robot technology without any technical knowledge of robotics, in order to design novel application and educational activities that involve a robot system.

Hence, the main objectives of the Pilot are the following:

  • Enable users to easily design new application with a simple user interface.
  • Enable users to easily design new end-effector for the robot arm.
  • Enable users to easily integrate the robot with web interface.

The pilot demonstrates the following user stories:

  • Free from hidden interface / Replacement of components(s): the user wants to create a new interface for an existing eDO robot without interfering with the existing components (e.g., a robot hand designed for enabling the robot to communicate with tactile Sign Language tSL) or replace joints with custom object designed by the user without interfering with the functions of the robot.
  • Safety: The teachers want the robot to limit critical properties and add working constraints when robot are used by children and underage student
  • Quality of Service: the user doesn’t want waste time to configure and setup the robot. The robot need auto-configurable its system and its interface with the educational environment.

The Pilot will use the e.DO Robot from Comau.

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