Modular Education Robot Pilot

This Pilot aims at validating the RobMoSys methodology by applying it in an educational scenario using the e.DO Robot from Comau.. The general idea is to enable School and University teachers and students to access robot technology without any technical knowledge of robotics, in order to design novel application and educational activities that involve a robot system.

The pilot case will be based on the open architecture of e.DO platform (ROS compliant):

the main objectives of the Pilot are reported below and foresee the development of customized software functionalites on different levels pick and place application with integrated gripper:

  • Basic coding (scratch programming) → task composition
  • Emulation of industrial lines to speed up the integration.
  • Implementation and test of advanced control algorithm
  • Robotics domain and composition
  • Motion
  • Perception
  • World model
  • Task Composition
  • Composition of algorithms

The benefits that will be demonstrates in the pilot case will be:

  • Replacement of components
  • Composition of components
  • Reduction of development time
  • Predictable safety
  • Ease of use

A first PoC has been developed through a TCP/IP communication by using the SmartMDSD development environment. A standard components as a joystick has been integrated for programming the e.DO robot usinf the Smartsoft platform. The same approach can be used for different type of components (inertial sensor, visual device) fo easy and intuitive programminng and use of the robot. The virtual machine for this scenario is avalaible.


We provide the Pilot as Virtual Machine Download.

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