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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...  Another year is almost over and we have new funding opportunities and a lot of exciting occasions on our agenda for 2019.

We are getting ready for the opening of the second RobMoSys call in February 2019, and are looking forward to many information events coming soon. You can find an up-to-date list of events in the event section of our website and in this newsletter below.

Watch some demonstrations of RobMoSys scenarios of our ITPs on our YouTube channel. Let us know what you think - either as a comment in YouTube or discuss with us on discourse

In this newsletter, we would like to tell you more about the RobMoSys ITP dealing with the integration of behavioural trees: Mood2Be. Mood2Be addresses a very specific problem in the domain Component Based Software Development (CBSD) in robotics: the correct design and implementation of the robot behavior, also known as “task planning” or “components orchestration”.

In case you are not sure what we mean by model-driven  Read here.  

Wishing you wonderful holidays and hope to see you at one of our events in the new year,

Anna Principato
on behalf of the RobMoSys consortium


Events informing about funding opportunities and the second RobMoSys Open Call

We are currently giving the finishing touches to the next open call which will be opening in February 2019. Take out your calendars and mark these important dates: 


December 18th: Representatives from the European Commission and euRobotics are organizing an Information and Brokerage Day in Brussels, informing about Robotics in upcoming Horizon 2020 calls: Information and Brokerage Day. Huascar Espinoza from CEA will be there to talk about RobMoSys.


January 10th: RobMoSys and COVR are organizing an InfoDay in Paris.  You will receive all the information needed to participate in the calls for proposals. The programme will be in French but talks and pitches are also open to English speaking participants.


February 13th: Full-Day RobMoSys Brokerage Day in Munich. The RobMoSys core consortium welcomes you to participate in our full-day workshop. We will be there to explain what we are looking for in our second call and answer all the questions you might have. The RobMosys brokerage day will take place at the Bavarian Stock Exchange - where else? 
Please register here to be part of it.

MARCH 2019

March 20-22nd: European Robotics Forum, Bucharest. Meet us at our booth at ERF and ask all the questions you have in mind! We will also have a workshop there. More information will follow soon.

Missed events:

We have already given out first information at the ROS Industrial Conference in Stuttgart on December 12th, where we informed the ROS community about how they can contribute to the RobMoSys approach. Find all the slides of the presentation in the download area on our website. 


We have uploaded two new videos onto our YouTube Channel RobMoSys Project: 

The video of the RoQME ITP shows a typical intralogistics scenario. The RoQME approach can provide metrics on non-functional properties such as safety or performance. This demonstration focuses on the run-time aspects of RoQME as you will see RoQME in action.
Read more in our Wiki (RoQME demo).

The purpose of the MOOD2Be ITP video is to show the workflow of the Behavior Developer, using the tools and methodologies offered by MOOD2Be. Further, the demonstration shows how tools from MOOD2Be interact with the SmartMDSD Toolchain, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robotics software development conform-to RobMoSys.
Read more in our Wiki (MOOD2Be demo).

Find out more about the ITP called MOOD2Be:


MOOD2BE - Integration of Behavioral Trees in RobMoSys

Objectives description:

• Integrate an existing and tested BT implementation in the RobMoSys ecosystem based on the existing RobMoSys meta-models.

• Validation of the approach in real world experiments.

• Dissemination.

Expected Impact:

• High impact expected as behavior specification is a major concern in model-based robotic system development.

• The fact that they plan to work within the existing RobMoSys metamodels instead of adapting their own should increase the acceptance of the solution in the RobMoSys community.

• The use of a 100% open source strategy is further beneficial to the impact.

Watch a demonstration on YouTube and read in our Wiki.


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Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a

Happy New Year!


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