Johannes Kepler University Linz

  Activities: Basic research, knowledge transfer, industrial implementations, Dynamics & kinematics modeling, tailored solutions Expertise: Industrial robotics, mobile robotics, assistive robotics, path planning, trajectory planning, optimal control, force control, identification, calibration, light weight robotics, elastic robots, parallel kinematics Needs: application use cases, partners in AI, grasping, image processing Comments: none Uploads: [restricted] none [/restricted] Name:…


  Activities: Unmanned Systems Expertise: Development of Underwater Unmanned Systems Needs: Software Model Development Comments: none Uploads: [restricted] none [/restricted] Name: [restricted] Jose Melo[/restricted] Organisation: [restricted] INESCTEC[/restricted] Email: [restricted][/restricted]


  Activities: System modeling, analysis and prototyping, Expertise: Modelling, timing analysis Needs: formal verification Comments: [Comments] Uploads: [restricted] [your uploads] [/restricted] Name: [restricted]Lionel Havet[/restricted] Organisation: [restricted]RTaW[/restricted] Email: [restricted][/restricted]

Universidad de Extremadura

  Activities: Research in the fields of Model-Driven Engineering, Component-Based Software Engineering, Self-Adaptive Systems, Robotics Expertise: Model-Driven Engineering, Component-Based Software Engineering, Self-Adaptive Systems, Robotics Needs: tbd. Comments: none Uploads: [restricted] none [/restricted] Name: [restricted]Cristina Vicente-Chicote[/restricted] Organisation: [restricted]Universidad de Extremadura[/restricted] Email: [restricted][/restricted]


  Activities: Mechanical Engineer Expertise: Robotic Mechanical Design Needs: Underwater systems Comments: [Comments] Uploads: [restricted] [your uploads] [/restricted] Name: [restricted]Tiago Cristóvão[/restricted] Organisation: [restricted]Matereo[/restricted] Email: [restricted][/restricted]

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation

Activities: Robotics Process Planning Production Planning Expertise: Software engineering Scheduling Planning What are we looking for: tbd. Comments: [Comments] Uploads: [restricted] [your uploads] [/restricted] Name: [restricted]Christos Giannoulis[/restricted] Organisation: [restricted]Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation. University of Patras[/restricted] Email: [restricted][/restricted]