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"Developing complex robotic systems could be as simple as building with LEGO when using the RobMoSys approach" - that is what the German magazine Produktion proclaimed in a three page article, read here. (in German)

Become part of the RobMoSys Ecosystem - take a look at the RobMoSys Wiki to find out what your role could be.

RobMoSys welcomes consortia offering complementary, multi-disciplinary competences that go beyond the mainstream robotics community. If you are still looking for a partner to team up with, don't miss the next Brokerage Day in three weeks. It will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, on August 24, 2017. 

You can't make it to Frankfurt? No problem - we have created an Online Brokerage Tool for you.

Register now and don't miss your chance of getting funding from the RobMoSys open call. All open call documents can be downloaded here.

Best wishes from sunny Munich

Anna Principato
on behalf of the RobMoSys consortium


New online Brokerage Tool for RobMoSys

The open call welcomes consortia offering complementary, multi-disciplinary competences. We would like to see robotics experts teaming up with software engineering people, or tool builders, or experts from automotive, aerospace, embedded or cyber physical systems.

If you think you are just right, but are still looking for a partner to team up with, you might want to use our online brokerage option. Just register on our website and create your profile. Once that’s done, you can browse the profiles of other participants and send enquiries directly to contacts of interest. Your information will only be visible for registered participants.


Your role in the RobMoSys ecosystem 

The participants in the ecosystem take one or several “roles” to use and supply building blocks. The RobMoSys composition structures define which parts are variable and which parts are fixed, i.e. guided by the structures to ensure composability. Each role uses dedicated views to work on models and Modeling Twins
The main ecosystem users are:

• Behavior Developer

• Component Supplier

• Function Developer

• Performance Designer

• Safety Engineer

• Service Designer

• System Architect

• System Builder

In addition to the regular RobMoSys ecosystem participants, there are also other roles in the RobMoSys ecosystem like the Model-Driven Engineering tool developers (see RobMoSys Composition Structures) and framework builders (see Software Baseline).



Brokerage day in Frankfurt on August 24, 2017

RobMoSys Brokerage Day in Frankfurt, Germany

If you are keen on finding out more about the funding opportunities offered within the first Open Call and want to know more about the RobMoSys approach and the technical details of the concept, join us at our next Brokerage Day in Frankfurt on August 24th. 

Our second Brokerage day will be held in Frankfurt/M, Germany on August 24, 2017.

It will take place at the VDMA Building (Lyoner Str. 18) from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. From 9:30 am, coffee will be served for the early arrivers who get the chance for a first informal networking.

Places are limited and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to limit the number of pitches (max. one pitch per organisation).

Please register online now !

The location is easily accessible from the airport and Frankfurt main station, as well as by car. There are several hotels within walking distance.


About the RobMoSys Open Call

Contribute to the RobMoSys ecosystem with great research funding opportunities

The first RobMoSys Open Call opened on July 10th and will be closing on October 10th, 2017. There will be up to 12 projects selected to start on March 1st 2018 with a runtime of 12 months.

The project asks for contributions that realise a step change in system-level composition for robotics, and that demonstrate this in real-world scenarios. The step change must not only be visible in the modelling foundation of the contributions, but also in the industry-grade quality of their realisation. Indeed, in the medium-term future, companies should be able to rely on the RobMoSys outcomes to build robotic applications by composing high quality composable models and associated software functions.

Proposals need to illustrate their contribution in a relevant use-case with coverage of all of the following: tooling, models and associated software (implementations that realise the models, and that are created/configured by the tooling) demonstrated on system-level prototypical scenarios in, e.g., navigation and manipulation.

Find out more at


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