RobMoSys Closing event

Dear Roboticist,

join us at the upcoming RobMoSys Closing Event on 12 & 13 January 2021.

We will be hosting a virtual Conference on Software and Systems Engineering for Robotics which will also be the closing event of RobMoSys.

After four years of EU funding, the RobMoSys project is coming to an end, but research and development continue following the RobMoSys approach. Members of the RobMoSys Core Consortium and other international guests from Bosch, ABB Robotics, MAN Truck & Bus and many reknown Universities have confirmed their participation.

What are the challenges intelligent systems are facing in the industry?  What is the current status of model driven engineering and where are we heading to? 

Whether you are interested in hearing the point of view of the industry or the insights of academic research - this is the conference to attend.

INDUSTRY DAY January 12  - ACADEMY DAY January 13

Follow discussion about the modularity and composability of software development in robotics, watch demos of the RobMoSys ITPs (Integrated Technical Projects) and learn about the digital challenges from various areas of the industry. 

The conference will also allow breakout rooms for virtual newtorking or private meetings.

CSSER21 is free of charge and just one click away!. Register now. 


Meet XITO:

Based on RobMoSys technology and operated by „Toolify Robotics“, a company that was founded in early 2020 by three key-people of the RobMoSys core-consortium. The launch of XITO and Toolify is one of the huge successes of RobMoSys and will contribute to the sustainability of RobMoSys from a professional and commercial perspective. As of today, with XITO and the euRobotics Stewardship concept, the RobMoSys project can look and see a bright future of sustainability.

Launch of XITO - an Application Building Platform for Professional Robotics

XITO is an application building platform for robotics which connects major robotics stakeholders in a business platform. It enhances collaboration and solves compatibility for their products and services. As professional roboticists, you will find everything you need in the XITO platform: A marketplace full of modules, robotics experts support, and model-based engineering tools to bring it all together.

•  For suppliers and technology providers: Register your software or hardware product to get opportunities to sell your product.

• For robotics expert in industry or research, get part of the community: Register as expert to be found by customers for  for contract-developments or research partnerships.

• For users of the RobMoSys SmartMDSD Toolchain: you may want to register for free to get a preview of its market-ready variant with enhanced support for ROS and OPC-UA

In any case: Consider signing up for the newsletter to get news of the XITO Community and updates of the model-driven engineering community and professional tools.


Welcome to the RobMoSys Academy

Watch our online tutorials to learn more about RobMoSys.Whether you are a developer or a robotics’ entrepreneur - the RobMoSys approach allows you to create cost-effective, composable, predictable and flexible robotics software with better tools. Watch all the tutorials on the RobMoSys Academy site. ...and don't hesitate to give us your feedback!


We hope to see you at the Conference on Software and Systems Engineering for Robotics on 12 & 13 JANUARY 2021

Stay fit and healthy and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

Wishing you all the best,

Anna Principato

on behalf of the RobMoSys Consortium

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