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We you know you are very busy, therefore we would like to ask you to mark these dates in your 2021 calendars: 12 & 13 January to be part of our first virtual Conference on Software and Systems Engineering for Robotics. 

Can't wait for next year? Join the virtual Eclipse Conference starting on 19 October and if the current circumstances allow it, we will also be able to meet at automatica 2020 fair in the beginning of December.

In this newsletter we are taking a closer look at ITPs dealing with manipulation and safety properties at behavioural level:

• CMCI - Composable Models for Compliant Interaction Control

• COCORF - Component Composition from Real-time Function Blocks

• EGCS - Energy-Guided Control Stacks and Robot-Software Architectures using Model-Driven Design

• SCOPE - Skill composition with verified system properties

Want to learn more about the RobMoSys approach? We are constantly uploading new videos to the  RobMoSys Academy. Watch our latest tutorial on "Modelling principles in Robotics" and let us know your thoughts on it.

Feel free to contact us via the RobMoSys Discourse platform if you have any questions.

Wishing you a good start to the autumn season - and that you stay safe and healthy!

Anna Principato

on behalf of the RobMoSys Consortium



The EU funding for the RobMoSys project is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the end of the RobMoSys movement. In January 2021 we will be hosting a virtual Conference on Software and Systems Engineering for Robotics. We look forward to interesting guest speakers telling us about real challenges they had to solve and various demos showing the relevant results of the RobMoSys project (2017 - 2020).

More information will follow soon, but you should mark these dates in your calendar:

12 & 13 January 2021


Other good news is: you don't have to wait until next year to hear or see from us: 

RobMoSys will be participating in the Eclipse Con 2020 virtual event from 19 - 22 October.


EclipseCon 2020 is the leading conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more.

Find RobMoSys in the Research Lab area.


ITPs at work

In our second open call, nine Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) were selected in Instrument #2 Ecosystem Challenges for a runtime of 12 months, starting from October 2019.  In this newsletter we introduce four of them:

CMCI - Composable Models for Compliant Interaction Control

The idea of the CMCI project is to tackle the composition challenges that occur through the inevitable interplay of control, sensing, and the mechanism that creates the targeted compliant behaviour, which is necessary to realize advanced robotics systems. The project aims to provide composable domain-specific (meta-)models to enable the specification of compliant behaviour and model-transformations to synthesize the required motion control components, realizing the desired compliant interaction tasks.

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COCORF - Component Composition from Real-time Function Blocks

The idea of COCORF is to combine the lightweight microblx function block framework with the RobMoSys meta-modeling approach. In a nutshell, this will allow the replacing of monolithic components by compositions of and self-describing function blocks, thereby fostering reuse while simplifying testing and maintenance.

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EGCS - Energy-Guided Control Stacks and Robot-Software Architectures using Model-Driven Design

The EGCS project addresses the challenge of “predictability and management of system-level properties of manipulation applications”. By following the RobMoSys model-driven composition approach, we aim to create models and meta models of a component-based energy-aware motion stack extension that will enable:

• Predictable system-level energetic behaviour providing passivity and thus stability and safety properties of component-based, networked systems.

• Responsive task execution ...

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SCOPE - Skill composition with verified system properties

The goal of SCOPE is to contribute to the RobMoSys ecosystem by proposing methods and tools to enable the assessment of system-wide safety properties at the behavioural level (the “deliberative layer”) where safe autonomy becomes the key challenge. SCOPE will provide tools that analyse and derive properties of a task by composing the properties that describe its skills and the environment, and, at runtime, ensure the correct execution of a task by monitoring it and propagating anomalies detected at the level of the skills.

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New tutorials in the RobMoSys Academy

Whether you are a developer or a robotics’ entrepreneur - the RobMoSys approach allows you to create cost-effective, composable, predictable and flexible robotics software with better tools. Our new video "Modelling Principles in Robotics" is now online.

Watch all the tutorials on the RobMoSys Academy site. ...and don't hesitate to give us your feedback!



P.S. The RobMoSys Wiki is continuously being updated, describing examples of composition using the RobMoSys methodology. You can easily keep track of changes in the Wiki in our Changelog.

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