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Most of the events we were planning to attend have been postponed or will be held as virtual events, such as ICRA in May or automatica in July. Therefore we would like to look back to the last big robotics event we visited only few weeks ago -  the European Robotics Forum in Málaga. 

A large number of RobMoSys ITPs participated in our workshop at ERF, presenting the results they had achieved so far. In this newsletter we would like to feature two ITPs of Instrument #2:

• MROS - Metacontrol for ROS2 Systems and

• ForSAMARA - Formal Safety Analysis in Modular Robotic Applications.

Good news! The results of the second cut-off date for Instruments #1 and #3 have been announced: eleven new ITPs will start their projects in May. Find out who the new ITPs of Call2- Cut-off Date 2 are.

As we will not be able to meet in person for a while, do not hesitate to contact us via the RobMoSys Discourse platform.

Wishing you a Happy Easter - stay safe and healthy!

The RobMoSys Consortium


Where Models meet Robots @ ERF in Málaga

In the final year of the RobMoSys project we decided to show up with a big bang at ERF. We designed a professional booth and showed up with our new slogan "Where Models meet Robots". The location of our booth was excellent - right next to the bathroom, where everyone needed to walk by to wash his/her hands. ;-)

 Our workshop "Overcoming the boundaries of today's Model Based Software Engineering" was very well visited with more than 45 roboticists and software specialists who carefully listened to the explanations of how to improve the development workflow with the RobMoSys approach. Seven of the RobMoSys ITPs were there to introduce their projects.

If you missed the workshop or would like to take a look at the presentations again, follow this link: all presentations of our workshop @ ERF


ITPs at work

In our second open call, nine Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) were selected in Instrument #2 Ecosystem Challenges for a runtime of 12 months, starting from October 2019.  In this newsletter we would like to introduce two of them:

MROS - Metacontrol for ROS2 systems

The MROS ITP was selected to cover the topic "ROS 2 and Model-Driven Software Development".  A current challenge in robot software architectures in autonomous applications is to address task, contingency and system handling while performing tasks. Nowadays solutions in ROS and ROS2 are typically based on complex, distributed logic that interweaves the three aspects, resulting in maintainability, reusability and reliability issues.

Watch this video showing a meta-controller interaction with ROS2 Navigation using System Modes. When contingencies occur, the meta-controller calculates the mode changes to overcome the problem. In this video you can see two contingencies happen: battery low and path obstruction. In the first case, the robot slows down and sends a warning to the operator. In the path obstruction case, the robot tries to find an alternative path during the contingency situation, recovering normal mode when the obstruction disappears. WATCH



The ForSAMARA ITP focuses on formal verification of safety properties on collaborative robotic application. In particular, applying model checking methods where safety-critical situations can be identified by the result of a mathematical verification proof during the design time. 

Due to travel restrictions, the ForSamara representatives could not attend the ERF in person, but sent a video, demonstrating their approach and showing the full set of tools and models, used for the implementation of their demonstrator.
Click here to watch the video.


Welcome to the new RobMoSys ITPs

We are happy to announce another eleven new ITPs starting in May!

As Instruments #1 FAST ADOPTION and  # 3 INNOVATION EXPERT INTAKE run for only 6 months it was possible to fit two cut-off dates into the timeline of Call 2. This second cut-off date closed in November 2019 and another eight Integrated Technical Projects (ITPs) were selected for Instrument #1, another three new projects for Instrument #3.

Find a short description of our new members of the RobMoSys family on our website.


P.S. The RobMoSys Wiki is continuously being updated, describing examples of composition using the RobMoSys methodology. You can easily keep track of changes in the Wiki in our Changelog.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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