When warm drinks are filling Christmas mugs

and families travel distances to give each other hugs

then you know it's time to reflect the past year

and thank the community for being here!

Dear Roboticist,

2019 has been another busy year for RobMoSys. Not only did we finalize the Integrated Technical Projects (ITP) from Call1 but also kicked off the second round of ITPs. We used every opportunity to spread the word about RobMoSys, for example:

++ February: RobMoSys Information and Brokerage Day, Munich ++ March: European Robotics Forum, Bucharest ++ April: RobMoSys Information- and Demo Days, Barcelona ++
September: Models Conference, Munich ++ October: EclipseCon Europe, Ludwigsburg & ITP Kick-off Event, Munich ++ November: IROS, Macau & Royal Academy of Engineering, London ++ December: ROS Industrial Conference, Stuttgart


In 2020 we will continue strengthening the RobMoSys approach with further models and tools and we will feed the RobMoSys Academy with videos, tutorials and webinars.

We hope to meet you at one of the upcoming events in the New Year:

ERF 2020 in Málaga - 03-05. March 2020

ICRA 2020 in Paris  - 31.May - 04. June 2020

automatica 2020 in Munich - 16-19. June 2020


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