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as you know, our second call is opening soon, offering various great funding opportunities both for your organization and you as an expert: in this second call for proposals we are embracing four different Instruments.

We would like to invite you to join our Information and Brokerage Day in Munich on February 13th, where you will have the chance to get first-hand information on the call and discuss your ideas with the core consortium and other potential applicants.

 If you cannot attend in person, you can use our Discourse Forum for online brokerage and join e.g. our workshop at ERF to find out more details on the call.

In this newsletter, we will tell you more about the RobMoSys ITP Plug & Bench, who's main goal it is to develop a component-based, composable benchmark system within the RobMoSys ecosystem.

Find some of technical news and updates on our Wiki on tooling and our pilots below.

We will also be at ERF in Bucharest. Meet us at our booth and visit our workshops, one of them being "Open and sustainable robotics software ecosystems for Europe" on March 22nd at 8:30 a.m

Hope to see you soon at the Munich Info- and Brokerage Day and at ERF.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Anna Principato
on behalf of the RobMoSys consortium


Focus of  the second open call

The Second RobMoSys Open Call focuses on the following aspects:

• Industry-Driven Ecosystem. RobMoSys defines a model-based ecosystem of assets and services to help the robotics industry to improve their software/system engineering practice. We look for proposals joining us in our effort to create this ecosystem and to demonstrate with real industrial cases your own success story.

• Towards a Strong RobMoSys Community. We call for expert groups willing to be coached by members of the RobMoSys core consortium, in order to implement the RobMoSys concepts. Successful applicants must be ready to advance the RobMoSys way of thinking, and to go for real world examples in line with the RobMoSys industrial pilots (developed by the RobMoSys core consortium).

The second call for proposals in RobMoSys embraces four different Instruments. An instrument is a type of RobMoSys third-party contract characterized by a profile of contributions, a funding scheme, distinctive expected results and hence different evaluation criteria. Read more

Download our Open Call Factsheet

Download Call Text



Join our Information and Brokerage Day

When? February 13th 2019 from 10a.m. - 4p.m.

Where? Bayrische Börse, Karolinenplatz 6 in Munich, Germany

Who should attend?

• SMEs

• industry

• research institutions

• universities

        … located in the EU

Why participate?

• Obtain funding for your project idea

• Get first-hand information on the RobMoSys project

• Pitch your ideas!

• Discuss them with the community

• Find suitable partners for your application

• Be informed about the application process

The Information and Brokerage Day is free of charge.

Register now:



Plug&Bench’s main goal is to provide the RobMoSys framework with new elements enabling the definition of standardized and easy­ to ­use performance benchmarks.

ITP Objectives:

• Definition of a Benchmark Meta-Model for systematically benchmarking components. The ITP builds on top of the output of several benchmark related EU projects in which the partners were involved.

• Different possible solutions to composability of benchmarks are defined and planed to be explored.

• Development of a Benchmark Engineering tool.

• Validation of the approach through implementing several benchmarks using the developed tools and using them to benchmark several components

Expected Impact:

• The importance of benchmarking in robotics is being increasingly recognized, so the impact of this addition to RobMoSys will be high.

• The introduction of benchmarking will also result in the potential introduction of the new role of the Benchmark Provider.

Read more about benchmarking in the RobMoSys Ecosystem  


News & Updates:

RobMoSys Software Baseline: SmartMDSD Toolchain Release v3.7

- Including a release candidate for skill modeling:Robotic Behavior in RobMoSys using Behavior Trees and the SmartMDSD Toolchain and Support of Skills for Robotic behaviour

- Mixed-Port Components for OPC UA,

For tutorials and screencasts, see here 

Update of the Pilot Skeletons 

- We have released new software components and examples in the context of the Intralogistics Industry 4.0 Robot Fleet Pilot. See here

Updates Wiki

The RobMoSys wiki has been updated with respect to robotic skills in the context of robotics behavior. Take a look at examples of how ITP contributions and discussions can also end up in RobMoSys core methodology:

Information on robot skill modeling:
-- Skills for Robotic Behaviour
-- Skill Definition Metamodel
-- Skill Realization Metamodel

The RobMoSys consortium is continuously updating this Wiki to provide early insights. The changelog will help you to track major changes.

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