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This issue of our newsletter is focusing on RoQME, an ITP project aimed at measuring Quality of Service in robotics. RoQME is developing tools and models for the assessment of non-functional properties in RobMoSys.

Learn more about this interesting project, which has been featured on

In each of the upcoming newsletters we will be focussing on one of the ITPs, who have just started in March.

Check out version 3 of the SmartMDSD Toolchain, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robotics, which is now compliant to the RobMoSys approach.

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Tools and models for the assessment of non-functional properties in RobMoSys

RoQME (Robot Quality-of-Service MEtrics)

The RoQME consortium is a fully Spanish team coordinated by the University of Extremadura and participated by Biometric Vox and the University of Málaga.

The aim of RoQMe is to build a model-based framework for dealing with system-level non-functional properties, enabling the specification of global robot Quality of Service (QoS) metrics defined in terms of the (internal and external) contextual information available.

Like all the RobMoSys projects, the RoQME software artefacts and documentation will be distributed using open-source and open-access policies.

Objectives description:

• Framework for defining non-functional properties in terms of quantitative contextual variables + metrics (QoS).

• Definition of new: role (QoS engineer) and view (QoS view).

• Definition of Meta-models to implement the framework.

Expected Impact:

• Contribution to several RobMoSys user stories: Quality Of Service, management of non-functional properties, safety.

• The proposed technologies have a potentially large user base: semi-automatic monitoring and inspection, framework to enable quality of service parameters.


The online magazine has published a very comprehensive article on RoQME. Read artice on here.


Conformance of the SmartMDSD Toolchain meta-models to RobMoSys composition

The SmartMDSD Toolchain is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robotics software. In its latest release, it now supports system composition compliant to the RobMoSys approach. It provides support and guidance for domain experts, component suppliers and system builders to apply the RobMoSys approach in order to profit from its benefits.

Read more about the organization of the RobMoSys ecosystem and learn more about the SmartMDSD Toolchain that enables you to apply the RobMoSys approach.


RobMoSys at ERF 2018 in Tampere

In case you missed our workshop at ERF 2018 in Tampere "RobMoSys: Better Models, Better Tools, Better Systems" You can find all the presentations in the download area.

In this workshop we presented the results RobMoSys has achieved in the first year, introduced the selected ITPs of the first call and explained how interested parties could participate, collaborate and contribute to the RobMoSys project.

For pictures of our workshop see here

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