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Tier 1 in Detail

Tier 1 provides the general structures for composition. Three levels can be distinguished:

Hierarchical Hypergraphs and Entity-Relation Model

Hierarchical Hypergraphs can be considered as the topmost abstraction level within Tier 1. It allows definition of a sound scientific grounding and a formalization in a most flexible model. Any modeling structure can be represented by a Hypergraph. The specific structures on the levels below are always specializations (i.e. refinements) of a Hypergraph.

The Hypergraph and Entity-Relation Model page provides additional details.


The next level on Tier 1 is the definition of blocks, ports and connectors as a general meta-level that allows definition of any domain-specific meta-model such as e.g. the RobMoSys composition structure (see below).

The Block-Port-Connector page provides a more detailed description.

RobMoSys composition structure

RobMoSys composition structures provide domain-specific meta-structures that are used on the lower Tier 2 and Tier 3 to design robotics models in specific robotics subdomains.

The RobMoSys Composition Structures page provides further details.

RobMoSys Views

The RobMoSys views are a complementary technique to the RobMoSys composition structures. This technique supports definition of role-specific modeling views that allow modification and refinement of specific primitives without breaking the overall structures. This is a useful technique that directly supports separation of roles and at the same time allows realization of model-driven tooling that ensures overall system consistency.

The RobMoSys Views page provides further details.

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