Starting in January 2017


RobMoSys is a EU-H2020 funded project which will be starting in January 2017 (ICT26-c with cascaded funding)

What is the aim of RobMoSys?

RobMoSys envisions an integrated approach built on top of the current code-centric robotic platforms, by applying model-driven methods and tools.  

RobMoSys will enable the management of the interfaces between different robotics-related domains in an efficient and systematic way according to each system’s needs.

RobMoSys aims to establish Quality-of-Service properties, enabling a composition-oriented approach while preserving modularity.

RobMoSys will drive the non-competitive part of building a professional quality ecosystem by encouraging the community involvement.

RobMoSys will elaborate many of the common robot functionalities based on broad involvement of the community via two Open Calls.


The RobMoSys consortium partners are:


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